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We Bring Impactful CNC Tool Solutions

We take into account the demands among various businesses that utilize CNC machines. Through our knowledge of different industries, we can supply the CNC tools to address any market demands while offering them at competitive prices. Parotool products are also SGS certified for complying with global standards.


Collets & Guide Bushes

CN CNC TOOLS is a collet manufacturer with original and patented collet designs, and over 10 years of experience. We make custom collets according to your application and production requirements. We make a wide variety of types and sizes of custom collets for clamping on outside diameters, inside diameters, or to accommodate non-cylindrical shapes. We make collets to go into our original fixture designs and we make replacement collets for any of your existing fixtures.


Designed for specific applications

Incorporate proprietary grip force calculations

Manufactured from project specific steels

Created for durability and longevity and repeatability

Precision 0.002mm


End Mills

Our end mills are for milling applications to produce various products such as computer hardware, fashion accessories, automobile components, and much more. We offer end mills with various teeth sizes and orientation to achieve specific cuts or grooves.



All of our inserts are used for cutting or carving workpieces into various shapes or forms. All of our inserts utilize heat and wear-resistant material, allowing for a long service life of precision material and component production.


Drill Bits

CN CNC TOOLS drill bits allow for the creation of cylindrical holes onto workpieces of varying materials. Through the different drill heads we provide, end-users can create holes with different sizes and lengths. We also have tools for counterboring, reaming, tapping, and other applications.

Easy to Get the Top-quality CNC Tools.

We are committed to pursuing the highest possible quality standards across all of our CNC tool production.

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