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CN CNC TOOLS milling cutter types and applications
CN CNC TOOLS milling cutter types and applications

The main uses of milling cutters

  1. Flat milling cutters for rough milling, removal of large quantities of blanks, finishing of small horizontal planes or contours.


2、Ball end mills for semi-finish and finish milling of curved surfaces; small ball end mills for finish milling of steep surfaces/straight walls with small chamfers and irregular contour surfaces.

Ball End Mills.png

3、Flush milling cutters with chamfers for rough milling to remove a large number of blanks and for fine milling of small chamfers on flat surfaces (as opposed to steep surfaces).

4、Forming milling cutter, including chamfering cutter, T-shaped milling cutter or called drum cutter, tooth cutter, internal R cutter.

5, chamfering cutter, chamfering cutter shape and chamfering the same shape, divided into milling round chamfering and bevelled chamfering milling cutter.


6, T-shaped cutter, can be milled T-slot.


7、Tooth type cutter, milling out various tooth types, such as gears.

8、Rough cutter, designed for aluminium and copper alloy cutting rough milling cutter, can be fast processing.

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