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CN CNC TOOLS- Committed to the Highest Tool Performance

Our mission is to provide the best possible CNC tools that can withstand any demanding environment among various industries. To achieve our goals, we incorporate a thorough quality control system, running all products through a series of tests and inspections. Our commitment to quality allows you to generate brand loyalty.


Best CNC Tool Manufacturer

Through our sound investment in advanced machinery, automatize production lines, and qualified personnel, we can complete your business requirements on time.

We also ensure our process of ordering in-stock and custom CNC tools go through without any hassle with our responsive and experienced support team.

What Makes CN CNC TOOLS Trustworthy

With an in-house R&D department, a capable factory, and qualified staff, our competency in manufacturing quality CNC tools can be seen through the numbers below.

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Patented Design

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Internationally Renowned Partners

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Annual Output


Technical Teams

Jason Austrin

Creative Director

Jacky Wang

Senior Manager


All of our staff have extensive experience in the CNC machining industry and have solid qualifications such as a bachelor’s degree from reputable colleges. Our team is dedicated to finding ways for you to find success as well as your brand’s identity.


Since 2010, CN CNC TOOLS has been surpassing other CNC tool manufacturers in terms of achievements and milestones reached.


CN CNC TOOLS opens our cyber doors to customers within the country or across the globe by launching our online storefront in February 2018.


We made our CNC tools available for foreign buyers in 2014. Our decision allowed us to receive a nomination for Guangzhou’s International Market Leaders in 2018.


Our factory was established in March 2010 within Guangzhou industry park and started selling drill bits to various local businesses.

Easy to Get the Top-quality CNC Tools.

We are committed to pursuing the highest possible quality standards across all of our CNC tool production.

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